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DropFunnels Affiliate Contest: Nov 15 - Nov 30, 2021


DropFunnels is running an affiliate contest RIGHT NOW and you can still WIN the whole thing! Here are some details about the scoring:

Points Based System:

All points are based on reviewing DropFunnels, providing training on DropFunnels, or just referring as the de facto software to use in your online business.

3 points - Social media posts (FB, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn etc)

10 points - blog article (must be 1,000+ words)

20 points - YouTube video
*Points are awarded once the post has been approved by the DropFunnels team. Not all posts will be rewarded points. The better the quality and higher engagement rate, the higher probability points will be awarded.
Daily Maximum Points
12 points from social media posts
20 points from blog article
40 points from YouTube video

House Rules:

No drama:  Do not cause any staff at DropFunnels mental harm or bully others.
No spamming:  This is unethical marketing. It’s simple, don't use spammy tactics to make money.
No income claims:  Do not guarantee making any amount of money.
No theft:  Do not poach customers from other affiliates (not cool).

My Advice:

Find an audience you relate to and share DropFunnels with them. Add value in a unique way that makes you stand out. Share your experiences whether new or old--and just have fun! At the end of the day we all have a lot to learn and it's better when we can learn from eachother! Each one, teach one.

Sound like your cup of tea? Well click here to read the official contest rules and apply to be an affiliate. You still have a chance to knock me out of this competition and snatch that first prize!

…that's right! I'm giving you heads up on DAY 2 that you can still WIN this whole thing. Watch the video above for more details on how to do just that. You might just catch me slacking.

Click the red button below to start your DropFunnels free trial and join the contest:


So, who is DropFunnels for? Well, if you’re currently paying for Web Hosting, a WordPress Builder, Plugins, SSL certificates, a Sales Funnel Builder, Membership Course platform etc… Switching to DropFunnels would definitely be the smartest and most cost-effective decision for you and your business, guaranteed!

And I don’t just say this because I use DropFunnels or because I believe in DropFunnels… I say this because I have been HEAVY into personal finance, business and investing for almost a decade. Keeping your expenses low and leveraging the best tools and assets is your BEST SHOT at long term success.

Being able to get rid of multiple software and use a single tool (DropFunnels) as your host, blog, website & funnel builder, membership course platform, etc. is not only going to simplify your business, but it’s going to free up money and headspace, and so, INCREASE your PROFITS!

Congrats! Your Now Have A SINGLE TOOL That Replaces The Core Abilities Of:


ClickFunnels (Save $97 - $297/mo)                                        SEO Tools & Plugins (Save $27 - $397/mo)

Lead Pages (Save $19 - $79/mo)                                             My Lead System Pro (Save $49 - $149/mo)

Kajabi (Save $149 - $399/mo)                                                  WordPress Hosting (Save $19 - $299/mo)

Unbounce (Save $99 - $499/mo)                                           Plugins & Themes (Save $19 - $299/mo)

Link Tracker (Save $19 - $97/mo)                                            SSL Certificates (Save $167/yr)                   

Also, DropFunnels is perfect for you not only if you want to grow your authority online for SEO… but you want to have your websites and funnels load faster than 90% of the internet… and again, in turn, have this INCREASE your Leads, Sales, and PROFITS!

Are you ready to take action and simplify and streamline your online business today? Click the button below to get instant access now:


Great question! I would have asked the same thing. Aside from the fact that you'll get to see DropFunnels go to work for your business for FREE during your trial if you decide to sign up... here are some of the cool prizes up for grabs:

I'm giving you a SUPER HEADS UP! We are only ONE day into this contest... anyone who wants to win can still jump in and snag some awesome prizes.

  • 1st Place: reMarkable 2
  • 2nd Place: Airpods (3rd Gen)
  • 3rd Place: $100 Gift Card
  • 4th Place: Snowball ICE Mic
  • 5th Place: Jordo's Top 5 Books

I couldn't tell you YESTERDAY because I want that top prize ; ) but I'm giving you the absolute heads up that everything is still up for grabs... and fair is fair, if you beat me I won't be mad. =)

This contest is more about the prizes to me as well. I want to see exactly what I'm made of over these next two weeks. Can I commit to doing something outside of my comfort zone and come out ahead? We shall see. 

…you can promote as much or as little as you want! There is still a chance to snag some cool stuff. Either way, taking action is FREE and pays the MOST DIVIDENDS in the long run.

Here’s what your might snag over the next two weeks:

Obviously the reMarkable 2 is mine and going to my daughter because she is going to be a killer artist and designer... but ANY OF THE OTHER PRIZES could be yours. =p

In all seriousness, it's all up for grabs and I won't be mad if you beat me!

…and what if this was the spark that started you on your journey to financial freedom like the one that happened for me in 2019?

I would be perfectly happy with that outcome! So don't hesitate to put yourself to the test and jump in this contest with me.

This contest is running from November 15 through November 30, 2021. The official rules can be found HERE and you can also search for 'DropFunnels Affiliates' on Facebook to find the official group.

Best of luck... I'll see you out there! Click below to start your free trial of DropFunnels:

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