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Happy Birthday Chrome Extension Partnership – Merry Christmas!

Get this offer: https://ift.tt/3nYn81u

What is the Happy Birthday Chrome Extension Partnership?

The Happy Birthday Chrome Extension is an easy-to-use digital marketing software that gives you a daily head start on Facebook and LinkedIn by automatically wishing your friends and connections a Happy Birthday!

You can choose up to 10 different messages and include emojis. Every day this extension will automatically find all of your friends and connections on Facebook and LinkedIn and post a message on their wall (tagging their name) helping you stay connected and boosting your reach!

In addition to getting a copy of the Happy Birthday Chrome Extension for your own personal use you can also SELL, GIVEAWAY or create your own partner program around this tool!

…that’s right! After you grab your copy of Happy Birthday it is yours for life to use in your own business and offer as a high value lead magnet to anyone else you want, too.

Sign up for the Happy Birthday Chrome Extension: https://ift.tt/3nYn81u

In simple terms, the Happy Birthday Chrome Extension boosts your engagement and keeps you connected with your friends and connections which helps with all of your marketing on these platforms. It would even work great for someone outside of the marketing space just to stay on top of wishing friends and family a Happy Birthday!

…and what if this was all you got for just $97? Truth be told, it would still be an amazing deal. But wait, when you buy Happy Birthday you’re also getting:

My Done For You Graphic To Help You Sell It
A Link Wizard Starter Account For Tracking Clicks & Sales
The Million Dollar Ad Swipe Library + Bonus Rights
Ultimate List Of Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs + Bonus Rights
CF Share Funnel Library + Bonus Rights
CF Easy Page Cloner Chrome Extension (Clone Any Funnel!)

Check out those high quality BONUSES you get with the Happy Birthday Chrome Extension Partnership: https://ift.tt/3nYn81u

Now, you may be asking “How much does the Happy Birthday Chrome Extension Partnership cost?” and if so… it’s just $97 ONE TIME (CURRENTLY) for this partnership. I say currently, because this partnership is going to increase soon. **P.S: Even if this partnership tripled in price – that is still AMAZING**

I posted this offer without ANY bonuses on my personal Facebook profile when I first launched. I had four people sign up within a couple of hours! They can now offer this as a bonus, resell it or do anything they want with the Happy Birthday Chrome Extension!

The funny thing is, I’ve watched my mentor launch MANY software partnerships over the last two years! He always launches for a low fee and everyone who is quick to take advantage gets an AMAZING deal. Then he raises the price! Even MORE people jump in before the price goes up AGAIN. I started following him so I wouldn’t miss out on the best deals.

With that being said, you definitely don’t make the same mistake with the Happy Birthday Chrome Extension partnership! Take action before the price goes up and get price locked into your access for life, at the lowest price it will EVER BE! Join the partnership below and get instant access!

Lock in this INSANE Happy Birthday Chrome Extension Partnership offer & have a very Merry Christmas: https://ift.tt/3nYn81u

The price of this offer WILL go up on 01/01/2021!

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Happy Holidays from the Freedom Factory!


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