Grammy Wammy Beta Announcement – Live On Facebook!

What’s up Freedom Fam! I’m sharing this video from a recent Facebook live about the Grammy Wammy Beta Announcement!

I’m super excited to announce the upcoming BETA release of Grammy Wammy. If you want to get invovled as a BETA user or PARTNER in this upcoming software release–drop a comment on this video or reach out to me directly at [email protected]

Here are some features we have on the ROADMAP:

Engage Your IG Feed:
Grammy Wammy reacts to your connections on your IG feed to automatically boost your engagement! You can even comment on posts and @tag influencers, potential clients and more to grow your following on autopilot and boost your organic reach.

Set Up Your Wammy Bot:
Grammy Wammy automates your DM’s so as you generate new leads you can also close sales in Messenger on autopilot. Create keyword based responses so you can answer common questions, deliver links or resources and even send invoices while you’re sleeping!

Manage Leads In Your CRM:
Grammy Wammy comes with a Messenger CRM and sales pipeline system so you can sort contacts with a color-coded labels, add notes, canned responses and easily schedule follow-up notifications so you stay organized and never miss another sale!

NOTE: Not all of these features may be immediately available for the initial Grammy Wammy Version 1.0 release. These are just the initial features we are looking to add to Grammy Wammy! We need feedback from our BETA users on what they’d like to see in order to continue adding features and improving the product!

I’ll be sharing more details as we get closer to the official release date! Be sure to subscribe to the channel and SMASH that bell so you don’t miss any future videos.


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