What Is Organic Marketing?

Organic Marketing aka "attraction marketing" refers to getting customers to naturally gravitate towards and purchase your offers over time. This is in contrast to paid marketing which puts your offers in front of people, but can also be expensive for someone just getting started, and hard to dial in yourself.

Many people do both paid and organic marketing to promote their businesses. What is great about organic marketing is it is usually free and only requires a time commitment to generate sales.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can have both paid and organic marketing strategies working at the same time. For instance, you can use Facebook or YouTube to post content and naturally gain interest in what you are doing for free. You can also pay for ads on both platforms and ensure that your message is being seen, for a price.

Focusing on one or two platforms that you can consistently create content for is key when you are just getting started. Don't worry about trying to promote content on every social media platform in the beginning. You should pick one or two that your audience is consuming content on, and focus on those.

Today, we'll focus on Facebook.

Organic Marketing On Facebook

Facebook is great for organic marketing. You can use your personal profile, a business page and a Facebook group to find and attract your ideal customers to your offers 100% free.

I know several people who are making full-time incomes from purely organic marketing on Facebook. But how do they do it?

Let's discuss it a bit.

Your Facebook Profile

Your personal Facebook profile is worth its weight in gold if you should choose to use it. Although it's against the Facebook terms of service to use your personal profile solely for business purposes, your business is still a part of who you are.

You can post educational content, entertaining content, and even promotional content on your personal profile. Doing so will begin to attract your ideal customers to your offers naturally over time.

To maximize the benefits of using your personal profile on Facebook, you want to optimize your profile. You can create what I like to call a social funnel, which will direct visitors to take a specific action once they hit your page.

Watch this video on How To Turn Your Facebook Profile Into A Social Funnel for a step-by-step guide on how to get this set up.

Where To Find Traffic

Traffic is a marketing term for people. You have to have traffic to your offers in order to make sales, whether you or doing organic marketing or paid marketing.

When you are doing paid marketing, the traffic is what you are paying for. So it becomes critical to find the right traffic, create the right copy to convert the traffic and have the right offer to make them want to buy.

Since we are focusing on organic marketing with Facebook we have to figure out where to find the right traffic ourselves. Luckily, it's really easy to do.

We are going to leverage the power of Facebook Groups for our traffic.

Facebook Groups For Traffic

Facebook Groups are fantastic for organic marketing. They are a goldmine for any business owner who wants to immediately tap into a plethora of their ideal customers and convert them into followers of their own.

Why are Facebook groups so amazing for traffic? Because the people in the Facebook group have already self-selected themselves. They are in that group because they raised their hands and showed an interest in the group topic.

Think about it for a minute. Let's say you sell sports memorabilia. Where would be a good place to look for your ideal customers?

You can't just walk down the street and ask every person if they might be interested. That would take way too much time and the results probably wouldn't be too good. It would be so much easier if there were a bunch of people you already knew that were interested in sports you could go talk to, right?

Well, that's what a Facebook group is. There are Facebook groups for every topic you can think of. There are sports memorabilia groups, vintage sports memorabilia groups, autographed sports memorabilia groups, and anything else you could think of related yo your product or service. These ones would be an obvious place to start finding people who might be interested in becoming your customers.

How To Profit From Facebook Groups

First things first you have to find the Facebook groups with your ideal customers already inside of them. We covered that! So what's next?

You want to join the Facebook group! Each group will likely have its own set of rules you need to follow and possibly some questions you have to answer before you can join.

Once you are in the group you can engage the community. Introduce yourself and talk about what you do and why you do it. Share your passion with others!

Over time if you engage in the group, people will naturally filter through and check out your Facebook profile. If you have your Facebook profile optimized like I suggested you do in this video, you will get some new leads and sales just by engaging!

Sending Targeted Friend Requests On Facebook

Since we are in a Facebook group where our ideal customers are hanging out, it's a good idea to try to connect with them.

There is a right way and a wrong way to do this. But if you do it right, you can automate this process and actually connect to your ideal customers at scale.

I use a software called Friend Connector which automates this process for me. You can also do this manually, it would just require more time on your part!

You want to find people who are interested in what you have to offer and send them a friend request, along with a message to let them know why you're connecting with them.

To be fair, some people will not like the fact that you are sending them a friend request. I simply apologize to these people and continue on my mission.

Over time as you post regularly, add value, and grow your friend's list you will begin to make sales and gain traction. This is how to grow organically on Facebook without spending any money on paid advertising.

You can also create your own Facebook group if you have time to dedicate to growing the group and maintaining the group culture!

Automating Your Facebook Friend Requests With Friend Connector

Friend Connector is the tool I use to automate my organic marketing on Facebook by sending targeted friend requests along with dynamic messages.

This allows me to send requests to my ideal clients based on keywords I select. For instance, if I want to connect with real estate agents I would use keywords like "Realtor" "Keller Williams" or "Real Estate Agent" to find them.

Along with my friend requests I can create dynamic messages to send personalized to each recipient. These would say something like "Hey First Name, thanks for connecting! I saw you were a real estate agent in one of the groups I'm in. Do you focus more on helping buyers or sellers?"

By automating this process I can run Friend Connector in the background while I'm working on other parts of my business. It does all of the heavy lifting for me!

Facebook Organic Marketing In Five Easy Steps

Let's summarize the five steps you need to take to make organic sales on Facebook. You can do all of this yourself, or automate and outsource some of it. Either way, it's less expensive to do than paid marketing and can deliver some awesome results.

So let's get down to it!

  • Step 1

    Optimize Your Facebook Profile

  • Step 2

    Link To Your Call To Action

  • Step 3

    Join Facebook Groups With Your Ideal Customers

  • Step 4

    Post Content In The Groups & On Your Profile

  • Step 5

    Add Targeted Friends & Connect In Messenger

This is all it takes to get some amazing results on Facebook using only organic marketing. I do recommend you focus on only a few groups and post content consistently in order to drive sales.

This strategy jump-started my digital marketing business and is still working for me today.

Is Organic Marketing Worth It?

Has organic marketing been working for you in your business? I'd love to hear your thoughts below!

I think it is a good way to get started and a solid way to go for any business. Content marketing is a way you can differentiate yourself online and as an entrepreneur.

Posting regularly on social media and sharing your story is a sure fire way to get people to know, like, and trust you. This is a key element in sales!

If you want to leverage software tools in your business to help with your organic marketing on Facebook, check out this deal from Tri-Johnson for Friend Connector.

As always, reach out with any questions or comments!

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