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DropFunnels Products and Sales

In this video I cover DropFunnels Products and Sales. I show you how to create products with coupon codes, name your price features, course fulfillment options and easily add them to your sales funnels.

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DropFunnels makes it super easy to launch a high converting sales funnel. You get UNLIMITED products and sales funnels with your DropFunnels subscription. So if you plan to use sales funnels as well as courses or memberships in the future then be sure to check them out!

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DropFunnels Products and Sales features I love:

– Coupon codes (percentage off or dollar amount)
– Name your price feature
– Split payment products (IE: $5,000 or 2 payments of $2,500)
– Additional cost feature for US or outside of US
– Ability to add a paid trial ($1 trial or more) to a product
– Multiple products can unlock course or membership
– Product fulfilment included in your dynamic order receipt
– Unlimited products and sales funnels even on the Starter Plan

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