clickfunnels vs dropfunnels

ClickFunnels Vs DropFunnels

You know you need sales funnels for your business in order to get new leads and sales. But which platform is the best for bringing you new clients and customers?

We'll take a look at two of my favorite funnel building platforms in this head-to-head matchup. I use ClickFunnels and DropFunnels in my business! I think DropFunnels is great if you're looking to build a long term brand with sales funnels branching off from your main authority site and blog. ClickFunnels is awesome if you are looking to quickly launch sales funnels and need additional marketing training from FunnelFlix.

Here’s an overview of what I’ll be comparing for ClickFunnels Vs DropFunnels:

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    ClickFunnels Vs DropFunnels Overview

    In many ways ClickFunnels is similar to DropFunnels, but they also differ in some key areas. They are both excellent page builders for making sales funnels.

    I'm going to compare them based on the following categories which I feel are most important to consider: Digital Courses, Features, Sales Funnels, SEO, Price, Integrations, Support, Page Speed, Website and Blog, Ease of Use and Training.

    ClickFunnels Vs DropFunnels: Digital Courses

    ClickFunnels Vs DropFunnels Digital Courses

    Digital courses are a great way to build authority and generate new leads into your business. ClickFunnels and DropFunnels both allow you to build digital courses with their standard and premium plans.

    Aside from the limit on the number of courses which I cover in the features section, there are some differences in how ClickFunnels and DropFunnels approach digital courses.

    First, when it comes to course security DropFunnels has the advantage.  ClickFunnels gives course memebers a Secret Signup URL in order to create their own account and access the course. This makes it easy to deliver and get someone signed up but anyone with the Secret Signup URL can access your course. This is a potential risk for someone accessing your content without authorization.

    DropFunnels is built on the WordPress infrastructure and creates unique passwords for each person who registers for your course. You don't need to worry about someone getting the login link because they need the unique password that is only created when they purchase the course; the course can be a "free" course as well.

    Secondly, courses are much more customizable in DropFunnels for those without coding skills. ClickFunnels has a very rigid course structure with only moderate customization options. DropFunnels can be customized as much as a normal funnel or web page; it is also easier to clone and templatize DropFunnels courses compared to ClickFunnels due to the way ClickFunnels courses are structured.

    ClickFunnels Vs DropFunnels: Features

    When it comes to features ClickFunnels has some limitations and DropFunnels has more bang for your buck on their basic plans. When we compare the Starter plans for ClickFunnels and DropFunnels, you can see that DropFunnels has the edge.

    $97 + Free Trial $49 + Free Trial Pricing
    20 Unlimited Funnels
    100 Unlimited Pages
    20 Unlimited Digital Courses
    10,000 Per Month 10,000 Per Month Traffic
    Authority Website + Blog
    3 1 Domains
    FunnelFlix Quick Start Training

    The one category where ClickFunnels might be considered better is domains. They allow you to connect 3 domains on their Starter Plan. DropFunnels maintains the reason you can and should only have one domain per account is because this gives your domain authority and juice for SEO purposes. If you find this to be a limitation, DropFunnels does have an Agency plan that allows for 20 domains under one management account but keeps them separate for domain authority. This might be a way to use multiple domains for yourself and for clients.

    The biggest limitations you run into with ClickFunnels are their limits on funnels and pages. You can only have 20 active funnels in your account at one time. You can only have 100 pages active as well. For ClickFunnels, a digital course would be considered a funnel with two pages at a minimum. So essentially they limit your digital courses to 20 as well, although you'd likely have less room than that because you'd be using your funnels for other reasons in addition to digital courses.

    DropFunnels allows you to have an authority site and blog. This can be your marketing hub that you connect to all of your sales funnels and start to build domain authority with over time. This will not only help boost your site but you can even begin to rank your sales funnels in Google. Think about having a high-converting sales funnel that ranks on the first page of Google. This is a marketer's dream! For this reason I have to give it up to DropFunnels vs ClickFunnels in the features department.

    I'm not going to cover the training offered in this section as it is covered as a separate comparison here!

    ClickFunnels Vs DropFunnels: Sales Funnels

    ClickFunnels Vs DropFunnels - Sales Funnels

    ClickFunnels is the category king of sales funnel builders. This is not really a surprise! They have an easy-to-use WYSIWYG drag-and-drop funnel builder that makes great looking funnels in minutes. But what I am pleasantly surprised about is how easy it is to make great looking sales funnels inside of DropFunnels as well.

    I'm judging this category on the productivity of each sales funnel builder. This means how does ClickFunnels compare to DropFunnels when it comes to getting more leads and making more sales. Aesthetically, ClickFunnels has the edge out of the box. They have slightly crisper design capabilities for the average user with better templates to start from. They've been around a lot longer so this makes sense!

    However, sales funnels that look pretty don't always convert better. In fact, the simplest designs often work the best. Conversions and sales are often a result of the offer and the sales copy. DropFunnels has faster load speeds which is covered in the page speed comparison. This lowers your advertising costs when running paid traffic and increases your conversion rates.

    All things considered ClickFunnels and DropFunnels both have excellent funnel builders. Although I can't exactly say that ClickFunnels has the edge like you might assume due to the speed and SEO capabilities built into DropFunnels.

    It's easy to clone funnels in ClickFunnels which is nice for you when building but can be a negative thing when it comes to others funnel hacking your content. DropFunnels does have a one-click ClickFunnels import feature to easily move your funnels from ClickFunnels to DropFunnels.

    In the end I believe ClickFunnels and DropFunnels are two of the best sales funnel builders around! DropFunnels may have the slight edge due to other categories like price, features, SEO and page speed.

    ClickFunnels Vs DropFunnels: SEO

    Until recently SEO and sales funnels weren't really a big consideration when choosing a platform. SEO, or search engine optimization, is what helps to rank your content in search engines like Google. Sales funnels are generally used with paid traffic and optimized by split testing and improving conversions and average cart value over time. But what if you optimize your sales funnel and then it also started to get FREE traffic from Google? Sounds amazing right?

    ClickFunnels has very limited SEO features. You can change the SEO metadata for your title, description, image and that's about it. You can rank your sales funnels in ClickFunnels for very low competition keywords as I've done it in the past. But it is not going to be a common occurence.

    DropFunnels is built on WordPress which search engines love. Being on the WordPress infrastructure solves 95% of the problems people might face which would prevent them from ranking in search engines. They have extensive SEO options and it is a specific part of the entire system.

    When it comes to SEO which is definitely a long term game, DropFunnels has the clear advantage over ClickFunnels. Depending on your goals this may or may not be a consideration for you!

    ClickFunnels Vs DropFunnels: Price

    NOTE: Pricing may change in the future, but as of November 2020 this review is current.

    When it comes to pricing, DropFunnels is the winner. They have a more competitive Starter Plan than ClickFunnels for just $49/mo which comes with all of the features you get with the Pro Plan including hosting and a free SSL certificate. The only difference between their plans is the amount of traffic allowed per month.

    ClickFunnels Starter Plan is $97/mo and includes limits on the amount of funnels, pages and membership sites you can create. They also limit your access to FunnelFlix which is a big value add for those just learning about online marketing or trying to take their marketing knowledge to the next level!

    The fact that you can run an entire business using either of the Starter Plans on these platforms and an email autoresponder (I highly recommend ActiveCampaign) make them a great value, even if ClickFunnels is currenlty double the price.

    ClickFunnels Vs DropFunnels: Integrations

    Integrations may change in the future, but as of November 2020 this review is current.

    ClickFunnels has a large network of partners and direct integrations available with many software providers. This is excellent news if you use tools like Zapier, ActiveCampaign, AWeber, ConvertKit, MailChimp, Salesforce, Stripe, PayPal, etc. ClickFunnels allows you to easily automate your follow-up via direct integrations or webhooks. I have to give them 5.0/5.0 stars for making ClickFunnels so easy to use with other tools!

    DropFunnels has been working on releasing more and more integrations in a deliberate and rapid manner. They have direct integrations with payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal and NMI. They have direct integrations with email autoresponders like ActiveCampaign, AWeber, Contant Contact, ConvertKit, GetResponse, InfusionSoft, MailChimp, Ontraport, etc. The main thing DropFunnels is lacking right now is a Zapier integration. They do have it in the works (it's been submitted to Zapier) and I'm sure it will be available soon as they've been cranking out features like mad since they first launched!

    ClickFunnels has the edge right now when it comes to integrations. Zapier is a big deal! I know DropFunnels will soon have their own Zapier integration but until then you can still use webhooks to accomplish most things.

    ClickFunnels Vs DropFunnels: Support

    It's probably not 100% fair to compare ClickFunnels and DropFunnels support since ClickFunnels has a lot more users. But I wanted to include support here because ClickFunnels is notoriously bad for support even in their own private Facebook community.

    While both ClickFunnels and DropFunnels rely heavily on email support and a ticket system as well as a knowledge base, ClickFunnels is sometimes slow to respond to support issues through email. Support tickets are often answered by other ClickFunnels users as well, since they've moved to a new support model which includes rewarding users for answering support tickets.

    I've found this helpful in some cases as users have often run into similar situations and have prior experience solving them. At other times I've just been refered to an FAQ document and waited for days with no responses.

    DropFunnels has a great support team. They are quick to respond to emails, tickets, and even troubleshoot issues right inside the DropFunnels Facebook community. It seems like they really care and want to help; they go the extra mile to get your issue resolved. It may be tougher to maintain this level of support as they continue to grow but Jordo is building a great culture at DropFunnels which is very customer centric. I have high hopes the support will continue to be great as the platform expands!

    ClickFunnels Vs DropFunnels: Page Speed

    Page speed is one of the more important considerations when choosing a platform for funnel building. If your page takes too long to load you will waste a lot of money on ads and your conversions will plummet!

    This wasn't as big of an issue in the past when the internet was first created. But now anything over four seconds in terms of load time is going to seriously hurt your funnel performance. In several tests run on GT Metrix, DropFunnels outperforms ClickFunnels when it comes to page speed. Often the speed difference is significant!

    ClickFunnels Vs DropFunnels Page Speed
    This is two identical pages, tested on GTMetrics (speed test).

    Facebook delivers your ads based on user experience, landing page speed, quality, and compliance (among other things). The above test shows DropFunnels on the left and ClickFunnels on the right. Both are using the same content and neither has been optimized.

    DropFunnels continues to make speed improvements including native image optimization that you don't have to worry about. If you take some time to optimize further, you can get page speeds as fast as one second on DropFunnels!

    ClickFunnels Vs DropFunnels: Website And Blog

    This could probably be combined with the SEO section but I thought I'd break it out into its own comparison. ClickFunnels is a sales funnel building platform. This is what they market themselves as and what they are great at! But, you can make "website-style" sales funnels using ClickFunnels. They actually look great!

    DropFunnels is marketed as a total marketing system. Since it's built on WordPress, the authority site is one of the core features offered. The difference between a ClickFunnels website and a DropFunnels website comes down to the rankability. DropFunnels has faster page load speeds and SEO capabilities that make ranking your authority site possible. It is highly unlikely a ClickFunnels "website-style" funnel would rank in the search engines.

    DropFunnels also includes a blog with your subscription. Adding content to your site consistently over time also improves the rankability. This blog post was built with DropFunnels. They have many options for customizing the look and feel of your blog and layout of your site. If you want a marketing hub and homebase for your funnels all in one spot, then DropFunnels may be the option for you.

    ClickFunnels Vs DropFunnels: Ease Of Use

    Both ClickFunnels and DropFunnels are very user friendly. When it comes to ease of use I have to give both platforms a perfect rating. On both platforms you can easily build sales funnels using a drag-and-drop system that is beginner friendly.

    ClickFunnels was instrumental in making sales funnels easy to build for the average business owner and entrepreneur. There have been many platforms since ClickFunnels that have entered the space, but they still have one of the easiest to use systems to make great looking, high-converting sales funnels in a fraction of the time it used to take.

    DropFunnels also has an easy to use drag-and-drop system. There are a few options for WordPress when it comes to WYSIWYG builders. But DropFunnels does everything you need under one roof without any extra plugins required. This saves you a lot of time, money and headaches compared to some of the other options out there.

    If you are just starting out either option will be pretty easy to learn and use. I might give the slight edge to ClickFunnels for ease of use as some of the options in DropFunnels are a bit granular and it takes some time to get the process down of making things look like you want. But with anything, once you've learned the ropes you will be able to quickly replicate and improve on your results.

    ClickFunnels Vs DropFunnels: Training

    ClickFunnels Training

    ClickFunnels wins this category hands-down. They have some of the best training online for entrepreneurs to leverage and grow their business, and their sales funnel training is the best-in-class. Included with your subscription is FunnelFlix, which has been described as "Netflix for entrepreneurs" and includes courses like:

    🔥 Traffic Secrets
    🔥 Funnel Builder Secrets
    🔥 Offermind Replays
    🔥 FHL Replays
    🔥 OFA Recordings
    🔥 High Ticket Secrets
    🔥 10X Secrets
    🔥 Ad Skills
    🔥 Money Mindset
    🔥 Garret White's Warriors Way
    🔥 Tony Robbins Collection
    🔥 Product Secrets
    🔥 Outsource Force
    🔥 Agora Financial Copywriting
    Plus more added over time!

    You get access to all of these course when you start a 14-day free trial!

    ClickFunnels also has one of the best training and coaching offers on the planet with their 30-day One Funnel Away Challenge. This is actually the course I took in early 2019 that got me started in digital marketing. For $100 you get 30-days of training from Russell Brunson and coaching inside of a private FB community.

    By the end of the challenge you will likely know more about sales funnels and online marketing than someone who just graduated with a Bachelor's in marketing from the university. Russell Brunson does a great job of taking complex ideas and breaking them down into a simple step-by-step process. Even if you ultimately decide to use DropFunnels for you marketing hub (which is my recommendation) I would still recommend checking out all of the training ClickFunnels has to offer. You can sign up for the next One Funnel Away Challenge here.

    Russell Brunson is also a best-selling author with his "Secrets" trilogy being among the top recommended resources for online marketing training. You also learn a lot about sales funnels by simply purchasing the books and paying attention to each step in the sales funnel. Check them out below!

    ClickFunnels also teaches affiliate marketing at a high-level. As an affiliate you can promote their products and services and earn up to 40% recurring commissions. They have a program called the affiliate bootcamp which is 100% free that includes training from several of their top affiliates. You can check out the Affiliate Bootcamp here!

    ClickFunnels has even more training than I've listed here, and their community is full of some of the best marketers on the planet, who also have training available that is top notch. If I could give them 6.0/5.0 stars in this category I would. It is one of the reasons I believe they will remain compeitive in the marketplace no matter how many new platforms pop up.

    DropFunnels Training

    DropFunnels is a new kid on the block so they don't have as much training in the marketplace just yet. Jordo, the fearless leader and CEO, is an established marketer and amazing teacher as well. Much like Russell Brunson, he inspires his community by leading and showing them the way forward. DropFunnels doesn't have near the catalogue of training assets compared to ClickFunnels but they also don't leave you to fend for yourself.

    DropFunnels has a Fast Start training program which shows you how to create your first funnel, order form and optin form as you go through it! Generating leads and sales in the name of the game when it comes to sales funnels, so I definitely recommend starting here to learn the specifics of the platform and get your first funnel launched!

    You'll also get some bonus funnel templates if you complete the training and post in the DropFunnels community. Jordo and the DropFunnels team also have training and live coaching calls in the DropFunnels Facebook group. It's obvious that DropFunnels does not quite have the same chops just yet when compared to ClickFunnels, but I know Jordo has some great things planned for the future!

    Final Thoughts: ClickFunnels Vs DropFunnels

    At the end of the day I don't think you will go wrong with either platform. You may use both in different situations like I do eventually, or choose to go with one or the other. I believe you are in good hands either way! My top recommendation is based upon all of the above criterea: DropFunnels.

    Since I was a part of DropFunnels since the very beginning and have watched it grow as a platform and community I can say they're committed to building the best marketing platform on the planet. The technology is built on the WordPress infrastructure and not custom coded like ClickFunnels. This gives them the edge for adding new features and improving the system over time. They've already added a massive amount of new features and improvements since launching!

    I have to echo Mike Dillard's sentiment about DropFunnels: "I'm all in on DropFunnels for one reason, it's the future!"

    Have you tried ClickFunnels or DropFunnels? You can sign up to try either platform free for 14-days and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

    Affiliate Disclaimer
    I hope you enjoyed this post. This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to purchase through my links at no additional cost to you.

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    Derek Johnson
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