One Funnel Away Challenge 2.0 - NEW For 2021!

Take The Next OFA Challenge In 2021 & Unlock The New 2.0 Bonuses!


The One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30-day challenge with both live and recorded training held in a private Facebook group taught by Russell Brunson and his team of coaches. The New OFA 2.0 program has been completely REDONE by Russell Brunson with more details on how to build a successful online business.

During this challenge you will learn how to create an offer, build a high converting sales funnel, and scale your business online! If you are new to online marketing this is the best training you will find for $100; It's been compared to a marketing degree in 30-days. The skills you gain will be timeless and continue to benefit you for years to come.

In addition to the One Funnel Away Challenge for 2021 I'm adding bonuses for your personal use you can also SELL, GIVEAWAY or create your own offers with after you finish the One Funnel Away Challenge 2.0!

…that's right! After you take the next One Funnel Away Challenge you'll have some amazing new tools to use in your own business and offer as a high value lead magnet to anyone else you want, too. They will also help boost your engagement across platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn to grow your organic reach.

Here’s a sneak peak at what's inside the One Funnel Away Challenge 2.0:

Total Value: $3,126

If you want to get your funnel LIVE and start building your business, then this is the mission we’re giving you...

Do YOU Accept?

This One Funnel Away Challenge is the easiest way to launch your first or next sales funnel the RIGHT way! By the end of the challenge you will know ALL about the components of a high-converting sales funnel and how to create an irresisitible offer that your ideal clients can't refuse.

In simple terms, the One Funnel Away Challenge takes you from beginner to expert in the shortest amount of time possible. It would even work great for someone outside of the marketing space just to help them promote their products and services like a top level markerter does!

…and what if this was all you got for just $100? Truth be told, it would still be an amazing deal. But wait, when you sign up for the Next One Funnel Away Challenge you're also getting:

  • The Happy Birthday Chrome Extension Partner Program
  • A Link Wizard Starter Account For Tracking Clicks & Sales
  • The Million Dollar Ad Swipe Library + Bonus Rights
  • Ultimate List Of Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs + Bonus Rights
  • CF Share Funnel Library + Bonus Rights
  • CF Easy Page Cloner Chrome Extension (Clone Any Funnel!)

This One Funnel Away Challenge offer is bound to bulk up your bonuses and save you a TON of time!

Here are those additional high quality BONUSES you get with the One Funnel Away Challenge:

Not only are these bonuses worth more than the price of admission, but you will be able to leverage them even long after the next One Funnel Away Challenge is over!

And with the Happy Birthday partnership, this is not only a personal account for the Happy Birthday Chrome Extension. You are going to be able to resell, give away or create your OWN partnership around this amazing software. 

So, that should answer the question of “What is the One Funnel Away Challenge?” However, if you have any other questions, feel free to send me an email here or leave a comment on my YouTube video. I’m always happy to (and WILL always) answer any questions you may have!

Now, if you're getting as excited as I was when I decided it's only $100 for all of this… Feel free to click the button below to get instant access and secure your One Funnel Away Challenge access PLUS bonuses before the time runs out for the next Challenge!


So, who is The One Funnel Away Challenge for? Well, if you’re currently a business owner, have a product or service, or want to sell ANYTHING online this is for you.

And I don’t just say this because I've been through the One Funnel Away Challenge or because I believe in Russell and the OFA Challenge… I say this because I have been HEAVY into marketing online, business and software for the last two years. Finding the right training from those who have been there and done that is your BEST SHOT at long term success.

Being able to go through the One Funnel Away Challenge and take your marketing to the next level in 30-Days no matter where you are in your journey is AMAZING!

Also, the One Funnel Away Challenge is not only for you if you want to personally increase your marketing effectiveness and engagement… but you want to offer these high value software tools to your followers as a lead magnet, order bump or upsell… and again, in turn, have this INCREASE your Leads, Sales, and PROFITS!

Are you ready to take action and super charge your marketing efforts with high converting sales funnels PLUS unlock these powerful bonuses today? Click the button below to get instant access now:


When it comes to bonuses, you should know that I chose these specifically because they are bound to help you make an even juicier offer with the One Funnel Away Challenges.

Below you will see my personal value-adding One Funnel Away Challenge bonuses that will actually provide you with MASSIVE value and level up your experience! Software is king when it comes to bonuses...

Happy Birthday Chrome Extension


If you're starting your online business the #1 thing you'll need is traffic to your offers. That's why I want to give you the software and support you NEED to get consistent FREE traffic to your funnels.

People will say that you need to learn to run FB ads to scale, this and that, but it's not true. I know several people making six and seven figures using only organic marketing.

Happy Birthday is a very simple Chrome Extension that you'll have lifetime access to even if you end up deciding you don't want to offer it to anyone else (crazy) that automatically sends birthday messages to your friends and connections on LinkedIn.

This simple tool will increase your engagement and boost your posts to friends and connections on autopilot once it's set up. It only take five minutes to get it installed and running and it will continue to bring you more engagement from then on!



Everyone needs to know their metrics and how to increase their conversions but how many are actually taking the time to increase them? You NEED to have as many tools as possible to gather crucial data.

Many URL shorteners do just that, they simply fall short. You need a tool that will give you multiple link options and increase your clickthrough and conversion rates.

Link Wizard is an advanced link tracking and URL shortening tool. You can create short links, file links, optin links, rotating links, social links and more. Once you have your account set up you will have total control over your links.

This software allows you to change the destination URL at any time and even add a Facebook Pixel directly to your links. You can add your custom domain to build your authority and increase trust from your followers. Who knows what's behind those Bitly links anyways?



These lead magnets will work wonders for beefing up ANY offers you have online. You'll have access to them yourself to use, as well as unlimited reseller rights.

That’s why I'm giving you access to these bonuses and additional images to use in your offers. You will easily be able to increase the value of any offer you make by adding this bundle (or individual) bonus stack!

Super Cloner


This bonus is probably one of the most important bonuses IF you use ClickFunnels!

The ClickFunnels funnel cloner does just that… instantly clones ANY ClickFunnels funnel to paste into your account. No more expensive funnel designers needed!


Now, you may be asking “How much does the One Funnel Away Challenge cost?” and if so… it’s just $100 ONE TIME (CURRENTLY) for this challenge. I say currently, because this next challenge is going to be closing soon. **P.S: Even if this challenge is already full – there is likely a new one coming SOON**

I first signed up for the One Funnel Away Challenge in 2018. I had no previous marketing experience! I left my full-time corporate accounting job and went full-time online marketing in September of 2020!

The funny thing is, I've watched MANY of my peers go through this challenge and become successful online coming from a variety of backgrounds. I know an accountant who made $70k+ in one month selling his course. I know a former restaurant server who made over six figures in his first year going full-time.

With that being said, you definitely don’t want to miss the opportunity to learn the same skills they have! Take action before the price goes up or this challenge goes away and get locked into your access for life, at the lowest price it will EVER BE! Join the One Funnel Away Challenge below and get instant access!


Email with a picture of your receipt (or forward it to me) and I will send you an email with all of the information you need to access your free bonuses. You'll also be in my system when you sign up, and I'll have an automation in place to send your bonuses out once I verify your sign up, but this will be the sure-fire way to get your access ASAP!

Remember, business is a long-term venture. If you’re willing to put in the work… this will change your life forever! If that’s you, let's go! I love helping motivated action takers... But please don’t purchase this if you’re thinking this is some “magic pill” or “get rich quick scheme.” (Those DO NOT exist!)

However, with this challenge, I can give you just a litte bit of the knowledge and software that has taken me over two years to gain and help you fast-track your success. Obviously, I can’t guarantee any results… But I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed, as long as you follow my advice and take consistent action!

And with that being said, if you’re ready to start CRUSHING IT online with the One Funnel Away Challenge, CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW TO GET INSTANT ACCESS! (then, send me an email to receive your bonuses)

Are you ready to take the One Funnel Away Challenge? Click the link above for access! Questions?Comments? Drop them below!

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